Glen plays commercial / top 40, house and retro sets to and for private clients, bars, clubs and venues.

Glen has been DJing professionally since 1985. In that time he's done pretty much every type of event imaginable; from DJing on a moving train to river boat cruises, weddings and corporate events, even a wake!

Glen’s personal music library exceeds 120,000 unique tracks, and spans every genre. His encyclopaedic music knowledge and technical know-how means that whatever you’re into, he can supply the mood. Want cool jazz for your book launch? Elegant classical for your wedding reception? Even psychedelic 60s or retro 80s fun for your costume party; Glen knows what you need.

Glen’s vast experience doesn’t stop at DJing private functions. He’s also done extensive work in nightclubs (including organising successful club nights) and radio. He’s certainly versatile: apart from being the perfect DJ for any event, he’s a confident Master of Ceremonies and he can run absolutely any occasion.

In August 2008 Glen finished presenting a daily radio show called The Retro Lunch on 3XX in Melbourne. He also hosts and produces a weekly party show called The Saturday Night Party Zone (see website This show is syndicated internationally.

Glen produces guest mixshows for radio stations wordwide including (website and in past years his Mixshows have been aired on Israel, USA, Belguim and Australian radio stations

A skilled technical DJ, Glen also produces original music and remixes his own mega-mixes and popular music.

Glen doesn’t have a set ‘DJ style’. Instead he adapts to the occasion at the time, be it retro, party favourites, contemporary, current club hits or a mix of all these and more, the outcome for the client is paramount, rather than being any kind of DJ stereotype. He’s interested in playing what you want to hear, so you have a great time. Despite his wealth of knowledge and years of expertise, Glen isn’t the typical ‘Music Snob’ DJ, arrogantly spinning tracks he thinks are cool, even if it doesn’t suit the event. He just wants to see his clients having a great time.

Whether it’s a laid-back sophisticated launch party, a straight-laced corporate function or a wild night out, Glen brings fun, professionalism and decades of experience to any job he does.

Residencies & Venues of note
1990-2005: City river cruises (numerous kinds of events)
2002: Purple Turtle Hotel, Saturday Nights. Contemporary and retro music
2005: Lightside café/bar. House music
2002-2006+: Red Scooter. Various events
2008-2012 - Lustre lounge. The StKilda Branch, Palate, Twister
2012-2015 - Solid Gold over 28s Retro Room and from time to time Private client events.

Guest spots include Crown Odeon, Melbourne Central Lion, Lazars, Darbys, Blasers, Nova bar and more. There isn’t a venue type he hasn’t played with utmost success.

yed with utmost success.