Welcome to Part 2 of Preparing Music for Your Event, Party or Occasion, The “Don’ts”.

As mentioned in Part 1, in the 32 odd years I’ve been involved in entertaining people and being part of the entertainment industry, it’s those who engage each component of their occasion early and keep the communication flowing who ultimately have the most successful occasions.

Herein is the benefit of my years of experience with the exceptional, the good, the bad and the downright disastrous so that your function has its best chance of being in the good, no make that GREAT, category.

The “Don’ts”

Don’t Be a Control Freak

This I realise is difficult for some but unless you’re staging a Royal Gala concert, minute or even second level control of the night is not needed and just sets everyone up for failure.

Don’t Use your DJ as a Human Jukebox

Lists as a guide are good, it lets us know what you’re thinking. But give us scope to work with the entire group, and where possible allow requests from the group. Giving your entertainment a fixed set of songs to play without any chance of change is not why we’re there — we have large repertoires for a reason and 32 years experience in doing what we do.

Don’t Ban Everything We’d Usually Play

This is more common than you may think. Cheesy party favourites are for better or worse called “party favourites” for a reason. Banning them is most likely to set your entertainment at odds with the entire group. Then all anyone can recall about your occasion at a point later after your event is how their favourite song didn’t get played because it was banned. Wouldn’t you prefer everyone have a great time instead of being left with negative memories?

Don’t Seat the Senior/Older People Right Next to the Entertainers

This will cause a night of angst. This group tends to want to talk and “catch up” more so than sit right next to what they perceive as “loud” speakers.

Don’t Cheap-out on the Entertainment

As the saying goes “You only get what you pay for”. If it sounds too cheap or too expensive ask why they set their price at that level. Beware of “bargains” just like any other part of your event.

Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute to Hire the Entertainment

Good entertainment can be booked up to a year ahead or even more for popular dates, yet time and again I have people call with very little time left before their occasion and wonder why I cannot help them. Start looking for entertainers as soon as you have signed the contracts with the venue.

Don’t Hire the Entertainment on a Nod and a Wink

Sign contracts with them and ask to see their insurance. Ask about backup equipment and what happens if someone gets sick. Ask them if their contracts were made up by them or prepared by a lawyer.

Don’t Assume Absolutely Everyone Loves the Same Music That You Do

As mentioned on the previous page, acknowledge that a wide age range will be in attendance and not everyone listens to what you listen to. Allow the entertainers enough scope to cater for all ages and styles.

Don’t Forget to Feed and Water the Entertainers

Its becoming more commonplace to find a clause in entertainer’s contracts about ensuring that they get fed and watered but it’s polite to offer it even if its not in the contract.

Don’t Forget to Put the Entertainers in Contact with the Venue

Even if they say they’ve worked there previously its always good to ask one to call the other and touch base, that way little “On the night” issues can be avoided.

Don’t Hire a Video Person Who Insists on Bringing the Equivalent of a Stadium’s Worth of Lighting

Or if you do then please don’t complain that the entertainer’s lighting was inadequate. It was probably fine until the video guy tried to emulate a football stadium at a night match!


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